Campaign Status

Pushnami Ads assigns a status to campaigns to inform you of any potential interruptions to your campaigns. Statuses are designed to allow the user to tackle the most urgent items first.

The campaign is live and running on the network

The campaign is currently being reviewed by our content review team to ensure it is compliant with our advertising policies

The campaign is currently paused and not running on the network

The campaign is not running and campaign contents are in violation of our advertising policies. The campaign was terminated on Pushnami’s behalf

Pending Start Date
The campaign will start to run on the network on the entered start date defined in the campaign settings

Pending Creatives
A campaign has been created, but there are no creatives added and therefore not sending

Low Funds
The campaign is near depleted budget but is still sending on the remaining budget

The entire budget for the campaign has been spent and is no longer sending

The campaign end date is within the next 48 hours

The campaign has been moved to archive and is no longer running

All campaigns have been paused due to billing issues