Creating a Creative

After creating a Campaign, the next step to success in Pushnami Ads is creating Creatives. This can be done by selecting “Add Creatives” on the “Creative” tab of your Campaign.  There is no limit to the amount of creatives that can be used per Campaign but best practice is to have a minimum of 2 to allow for A/B testing.

Notification Preview:

This preview serves for your reference as you are building your notification. You can see how your notification will display for your audience by operating system. Learn more about notification specifications here.


The most important part of your creative is the image selection. The right image can generate a great amount of clicks so it is important to understand how these are viewed. To learn more about image best practices, click here.

  • Main Image: This image is most important for desktop and is not seen on mobile or tablet devices. We encourage you to include an main image at all times to ensure your audience is receiving the best possible content
  • Notification Icon: This image is required as this is the image that will likely be seen by most of our traffic.

Accepted image files: .jpg, .gif, .png


Capturing your audience with text is required with the following fields

  • Title- Limit of 34 characters
  • Message- Limit of 65 characters
  • Button 1- This is optional but if you leave it blank, the default button, “Click Here” will be used
  • Button 2- Another optional button
  • Link- Where you want your audience to go when they click on your campaign

To learn more about copy best practices, click here

Submit your Creative for review by clicking “Add Creative”

Create multiple creatives at once

We encourage you to use our clone creative function to develop variants of your offer for A/B testing.

When to use Save a Draft

If you want to continue working on a creative before submitting it to the Pushnami review process, you can save your creatives as proposals. They are stored under the Creatives page under “Drafts”. 

You can continue editing the information over time until you decide to submit the creative.